Master On-Camera Confidence with YouCapture by 22PORTRAITS

Master On-Camera Confidence with YouCapture by 22PORTRAITS

At 22PORTRAITS, our Headshots Studio in Miami has built a reputation for excellence, a fact our 250+ Google reviews highlight with stories of professionalism and unmatched quality in headshots and customer experiences. For many, the thought of a camera lens can be daunting, stirring up feelings of discomfort and vulnerability.

We’ve all heard the confessions — “I hate having my photo taken,” or “I just don’t look good on camera.” It’s a common refrain, and understanding it is part of our essence at 22PORTRAITS. Our approach goes beyond photography; it’s about crafting an environment where safety, comfort, and authenticity are paramount.

As we’ve evolved with the industry, we’ve fine-tuned not just our photography skills, but also our expertise in making people feel at ease, be it for stills or video. The culmination of our efforts is the creation of YouCapture, our pioneering technology. With YouCapture, we’re redefining the camera experience, turning anxiety into assurance, and helping people discover their authentic selves in front of the lens.

Overcoming Camera Shyness with YouCapture

The genesis of YouCapture lies in a common narrative we encountered at 22PORTRAITS: Clients often felt unnatural in front of the camera, yet yearned to present themselves authentically. Our mission was to bridge this gap, making it seamless for them to connect with the lens, whether for stills or videos.

In the realm of headshot photography, the solution was relatively straightforward — a blend of comfort with the photographer and guided coaching could alleviate most apprehensions. But video introduced a different challenge. Speaking while being filmed, acutely aware of every gesture and word being recorded, tended to heighten anxiety.

We pinpointed that the primary source of unease was the intimidating presence of the camera itself. Our goal became clear: enable people to engage with the camera naturally, as if it wasn’t there, as if they were talking to their closest friend. Kirill, the visionary founder and CEO of 22PORTRAITS, turned this idea into reality with a trip to Home Depot. With no prior experience but a clear vision, he crafted the first YouCapture prototype from basic materials. Using beamsplitter glass, wood, and a dual-camera setup, he engineered a way for individuals to appear effortlessly genuine on camera, regardless of their experience with videography. This was the inception of our patented YouCapture technology — the transformative solution for genuine on-screen presence.

Revolutionize Video Content with YouCapture

For diverse content needs—from video podcasting and online courses to founder’s narratives and bite-sized micro-content—YouCapture stands as a transformative tool. It enables clients to forge stronger connections with their audience by delivering genuinely captivating content.

YouCapture’s innovative approach alleviates on-camera nervousness by allowing interviewees to engage directly with their conversational partner, not the lens. This method ensures the authenticity of the subject’s expressions, essential for crafting compelling video podcasts, founder’s tales, and impactful micro-content designed to hold the viewer’s attention.

Crafting Conversations: Interview and Video Podcast Production

Much of our studio’s content emerges from a dynamic interview format, fostering a conversational atmosphere that feels both engaging and natural. Whether it’s a dialogue between experts or a Q&A session designed to fulfill specific content objectives, our approach cultivates an organic interaction, all while capturing high-quality footage. Our full-scale production services span from strategic planning and question curation to recording and post-production. We don’t just produce content; we also assist founders and executives in establishing their podcasts, consulting on home studio setups, and providing video editing support, empowering them to concentrate on what truly matters—growing their personal and corporate brand.

Narrating the Journey: Capturing Founder’s Stories

Founder’s stories offer a powerful medium to convey the essence and vision of your brand. Our hands-on method tailors to your narrative preferences, utilizing either copywriting prowess or curated interviews to sculpt your message. These stories resonate with not just your audience but also potential investors, serving as an influential tool for startups aiming to attract funding. Our portfolio includes various success stories, from testimonial videos and internal corporate communications to engaging team biographies. Discover the full spectrum of our video services here.

Enhance Your Digital Presence with Genuine Content

Don’t just take our word for the transformative power of YouCapture. Guests who step into our studio are consistently impressed by both the innovative setup and the exceptional production quality that lets their natural charisma shine on camera. But don’t rely solely on our perspective—browse through the glowing testimonials from previous clients who’ve leveraged YouCapture to elevate their video content.

In an era where video is swiftly becoming the king of content across all social platforms, from TikTok’s viral appeal to LinkedIn’s professional networking, standing out is key. Businesses, freelancers, and entrepreneurs are all vying for the precious attention of audiences. More than ever, establishing a robust online presence that cuts through the noise with authenticity is crucial. That’s where we come in: our mission is to craft content that is not only true to you but also delivers tangible value to your viewers—as if you were engaging with them in a laid-back, face-to-face conversation.

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